I am finally back doing shows. I have plans for my new album. I am currently scheduling a tour for 2022. That’s it. I leave it at that and promise that I’ll be much more present from now on. Follow me on Spotify and other streaming services for new music coming soon.

DISARM & LET GO (originally posted on August 24, 2009)



My sophomore album DISARM & LET GO has finally hit the digital shelves again! It was taken down a few years ago. Now I have put it out on my own label. Go get it!








You’ll find it in most major digital outlets worldwide.



Here’s an interview (in Norwegian only) that I did in connection with the release back in 2009:




We have spent the last couple of months redesigning the website ( and getting ready for launching it together with my new album being released. Today the album is out and I am so happy about it. It’s been quite a frustrating journey to get this album out to say the least. I don’t have any clues how many times it supposedly was scheduled for a release but I guess it speaks for the whole process, because so many things have moved forward in a slow pace the last couple of years. I have been moving forward only when feeling creative, I only worked on my music when inspired, and to be honest, I sometimes like it better not being part of the music industry. I love the music, but not the industry.


Anyways, things are different now. I have found peace by sitting on the fence for a while and I have made my way through concentrating on what I like the best and never compromise on my career. It’s all controllable if you only control it yourself. Through innumerous opportunities and not being able to pick the right one I have seen myself go down. Now trying my best to choose a direction of perfection and profession of a different kind.


I see good things coming. And the start is with this album; Disarm & Let Go.


The album is available to buy from all major downloading stores around the world.


A hard copy of the album is available to purchase from: and


I hope you like it!


All the best,




I am at my family’s cabin writing and recording songs for my two upcoming albums. I shower outdoors and catch my own fish for dinner. It’s very quiet – it’s only me deep in the woods in the middle of Norway. The songs are all coming together very nicely…


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