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 Peace + Love, Robert

The Way We Are EP

The Way We Are EP (2004) CD €10

Got None

Got None (2005) LP 7in €10

Robert Post

Robert Post (2005) CD Buy on Amazon

There's One Thing

There’s One Thing (2005) CD Buy on Amazon

Robert Post (France)

Robert Post (French Edition) (2006) CD Buy on Amazon

Martha's Drawing EP

Martha’s Drawing (2006) CD Sold Out

Ocean Sessions EP

Ocean Sessions EP (2007) CD €10

Try, Try, Try

Try Try Try (2007) Download for FREE on SoundCloud


Beirut (2009) LP 7in €10

Disarm And Let Go

Disarm & Let Go (2009) CD Sold Out

Rhetoric Season One

Rhetoric Season One (2011) LP €20 CD €10


The Button Moulder (2013) – LP €20 CD €10












    • Régis, unfortunately out of stock. But will do a new version soon. And I’ll write a news story on it when it’s out!


      • Ok thanks… I Will fait for the new version! I already have all the other cds… And i CAN t wait for the new opus ! Best Regis


    • Hei Henrik,
      albumet Rhetoric Season One er tilgjengelig på vinyl. Og singlene Got None og Beirut. Den nye platen som kommer ut 25. oktober kommer også på vinyl. Den blir gjort tilgjengelig her på siden iløpet av uken.
      Alt godt,

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