1. the way we are
  2. treasure
  3. got none
  4. high tide


  1. there’s one thing
  2. got none
  3. silence makes him sick
  4. high tide
  5. more & more
  6. big boat
  7. newborn
  8. everything is fine
  9. ocean & a tear
  10. come home
  11. far away from this town (uk bonus track)


  1. got none
  2. fair game (acoustic version)

GOT NONE (7″) (2005)

  1. got none
  2. give (acoustic version)

GOT NONE EP (2005)

  1. got none
  2. don’t mess it up (acoustic version)
  3. thick-skinned (acoustic version)


  1. there’s one thing
  2. the way we are
  3. dream (demo)


  1. message (gotta send a message)
  2. it’s never gonna be perfect (feat. Leigh Nash)
  3. the way we are
  4. treasure
  5. got none
  6. high tide


  1. u
  2. message
  3. it’s never gonna be perfect
  4. out of skills
  5. a curse that won’t leave (pt 1)
  6. a curse that won’t leave (pt 2)


  1. try try try

BEIRUT (7″) (2009)

  1. beirut
  2. the boy with the hood

DISARM & LET GO (2009)

  1. perfect
  2. try the best you can
  3. she knows what boy she’s after
  4. no one cares
  5. bigger numbers
  6. beirut
  7. choice marks the master from the fool
  8. bend the rules
  9. i want you to be sad, i want you to be happy
  10. history repeats itself


  1. frontline
  2. the way we are
  3. choice marks the master from the fool
  4. there’s one thing
  5. landing
  6. come home
  7. beirut
  8. a curse that won’t leave
  9. try the best you can
  10. ocean & a tear
  11. message
  12. got none


  1. hey hey for the record
  2. my body
  3. frontline
  4. landing
  5. slip like sand
  6. i find it strange
  7. boundaries to shake
  8. tried so many times
  9. i want to leave
  10. hold your hands up high
  11. a day gone by


  1. be kind
  2. button moulder’s waltz
  3. fair game
  4. operation odyssey dawn


  1. be kind
  2. safe and sound
  3. dress less beautiful
  4. so bad of you
  5. my body
  6. fair game
  7. button moulder’s walk
  8. feeler
  9. the frost
  10. crazy
  11. button moulder’s waltz

5 thoughts on “Words

  1. Robert Post – Try The Best You Can – This song, that I heard for the first time last night is giving me a lot of strenght to deal with my fears, after lost my wife and the presence of my kids because I act like a boy instead of man. I don’t understand why I can’t find the lyrics on the web, I thought this song was a success, and I just don’t understand why not. Anyway, thank you for this great song! Cheers from Brazil. (I downloaded your song from Blalock’s Indie List).

    1. Hi Mauro, thanks for the nice comment. I really hope all is well with you considering the times of trouble… and I feel lucky to have written a song that can encourage you and give you strength to deal with your fears.

      Peace + Love,

  2. I “discovered” your music one day while I was Gooling myself (That sounds naughty, but I don’t mean it that way.) about three years ago. I just want to say I really enjoy your music, and hope one day to see you perform live. Of course, you’ll either have to come to the states, or I’ll have to visit Europe. I think the former is more likely. I’ll keep an eye out for an American tour. Until then, keep up the great work, and continue representing us Robert Posts well!

    Robert Post
    Kansas City, Missouri, USA

    1. Hi Robert,

      thanks! Quite a way to discover new music. Lucky that you liked it then, so I didn’t take your name in vain. I am sure I will visit the US again. It’s been 6 years now. I’ll let you know. Thanks for stopping by.

      All the best,
      Oslo, Norway

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