Hi and how are you?

I am fine. I have the reason to be. And I hope you have a good time around… The by:Larm Festival is over and we are almost sober. We began recording a couple of new songs on Wednesday so new demos are soon to be available in the Audio section. The titles are: “Don’t mess it up now” and “Eat me up”.

Some of you probably wonder what’s up next. Well let’s say, we’re booking a lot of gigs in Norway these days so I guess we’re coming to a venue near you soon. On the other hand, I will still support Karin Park on their tour. On those shows it’ll only be my guitar, and me but I promise to give you a garden of sound anyway.

As some of you might know, we’re in contact with some international record companies about signing a deal. But nothing is set. We’re heading for London in March to showcase for all these nice men in suits. So quite busy…

Hang in here – and you will be the first to know when something happens!!!


“2011 Updates” – audio content to be uploaded asap

by:Larm GIG

Hello dear fellows,

by:Larm is finally here and the first day was so fucking great you wouldn’t believe it. We arrived stage from our new bought US helicopter on Logen somewhere between eleven and twelve. And it was amazing. I didn’t expect people to show up on our gig in the first place, but since it was pretty close to packed like sardines we just had to rock our socks off!

Thank you for the support!



Ciao boys and girls,

Oh how drunken man can get… It’s Sunday morning after too many days of drinking, dancing and playing. The only right thing to do is to walk the mountain and let out the demons. And eat junk food…


Friday in Trondheim was fun. A lot of people, nice feedback and satisfied crowd. Promising for the upcoming by:Larm LIVE Festival this weekend. See ya there?