Hi there,

the good news came in yesterday. I am opening for the brilliant Lissie on her two sold out Oslo dates (March 26, 27). Fits perfectly together with the master plan I have scribbled on a napkin in my REM sleep. I will test new songs on an unsuspecting crowd. Songs for upcoming third album. The guitar and I.

As a treat (and of course as promised in the competition that was held back in Jan/Feb) I am now giving away a free download of the song There’s One Thing (right answer competition-wise, my second single from 2005) from the concert I played together with Lise, Ragnhild and Kristian at Ocean Sound Recordings last July.

Now DOWNLOAD, DOWNLOAD, DOWNLOAD. And spread the juice.

All the best,


All these houses I visit
I wonder how can they still stand?
Built on candlelights and flowers
By defenseless men

It is worrying but I can’t intrude
‘Cause the women of the house would call me rude

“Don’t you see we’re content and this was heaven sent?
I was chasing smaller fish in the sea till this big fish landed on me”.