Hello everybody watching this space,

It’s a new year full of expectations and opportunities. I didn’t wanna wait too long before you guys got to hear some new music this time, so I uploaded my new single for a limited period. I suppose it will be sent out to radio one of these days… and then soon you will see me on TV. Oh how much fun it will be – even though TV is quite boring I’ll try my best not to make it even more boring. I will paint my face, wear leather pants and no shirt. And I will tell jokes like this one: “Two muffins sitting in the oven. One muffin to the other, “It’s hot in here. The other muffin, “Oh my god, a talking muffin.”

Anyway, I thought I’d get some real honest feedback from the ones who have followed me through the last couple of years! The people that really care for my music. People of no bullshit. So here it is, a brand new song. My first single of 2007. And there’s gonna be more. There will be thousands of songs and singles from me. I’m gonna be everywhere. At least everywhere in my own space. Thanks for reading. I’ll be back.

Peace & Love,

2012 comment on post:
The Ocean Sessions EP was released world-wide on April 29, 2007 on Nettwerk Records. It was featured on iTunes under Recommended Buy and soon went to be Top 20 in several countries in Europe the following days. The first single was MESSAGE and you can have a listen to that song and the rest of the EP on the embedded media player.