Come see me play at my favorite bar Ta Det Piano at ten o’clock tonight. I have tuned my mandolin, guitar and piano… and have put up a fuzzed-out microphone so that I can sing the guitar solos…




it’s me again. Just to let you know… I have packed my bag. Now, just a little note about a “secret” gig tomorrow.

CITY: Ålesund
VENUE: I’ll let you know tomorrow at noon
TIME: 21:00

It’s just me warming up!
PS! Watch out for another “secret” gig this Friday… down the coast from here.



In a matter of days I will pack my bag and wander off into the unknown. This time around I depend on a paper map and a little help from Google Earth every now and then.

I have not hired a tour manager whose job would be to get me around the country safe and sound, I have no company covering my back if guilty pleasures appear, I most definitely will have to count every spending of every penny, and no roadie will make sure my guitar sounds fresh and crisp each night, ‘cause this time around I depend on myself and no one else.

Except from my sound guy. Harald is coming along. He will make sure the sound will be as good as it gets. Now that I plan on taping each night both with my cam and on my mac I must be sure the sound is okay. That’ll at least guarantee the bootlegs I will be selling after each show to be of a decent quality. And this blog to have nice footage and sound.

So that is my plan. So far so good.

I hope you guys show up. Both at my shows and for you who will not be able to make it either because you just can’t or that you are too many flights away… be sure to take part just by following this blog that I have created exclusively for this tour.

Join in. And be sure to take part in the poll below.



The tour will be solo acoustic, just like in this video: