I’m really exhausted today. It seems like Christmas is all about after parties and sleeping in cars or on floors. To be honest, I haven’t really slept in my own bed for days.

Last nights gig was amazingly fun. I hadn’t planned anything before I got on stage, so I was a bit concerned about the result. It turned out to be one of my best so far. Cool.

Tomorrow I’m leaving Aalesund for now to spend New Years Eve in Bergen. I wish you all a Happy New Year and hopefully I’ll see you on one of my shows in 2004!!!


2011 Update; the gig was at Lille Løvenvold, Ålesund


Merry Christmas,

After having spent the last days on rehearsing a Nirvana Tribute I woke up the day after the show in a car parked outside my sisters apartment. I didn’t have the guts to wake her up at six o’clock in the morning so I rather slept in this frozen car. The show went great and I think the crowd really enjoyed our performance. As in every real Nirvana show we smashed the drums at the final and I almost broke the neck of my guitar, but luckily saved it from the flying drums.

Tonight I’m putting up the gear at my favorite club/café in Aalesund called Lille Løvenvoll to play a one-man show. I’m a bit nervous about the whole event because it’s my first time doing a solo show in my hometown.



Hello hello,

Well I just got home from a football tournament and am pretty upset because we lost even before we got to the finals. We played against a team that rather wanted to play boring football than entertaining, so they won 1-0. We, on the other hand, won our three first matches and scored 19 goals, something, which really impressed me. It all took place on an island called Godøy 10 minutes North to my hometown Aalesund. I’m finally home for the Christmas!

When it comes to music, the thing that should be the reason you are in here, not much is happening at the moment. We’re loading our batteries for next year’s recording-sessions and the touring. But I’m planning to perform one show during my holidays in Aalesund.