“All you need is love”.

A wise person once wrote this line. My opinion is that that’s Utopian. Still, I’m really working on believing in it. It’s not the worst thing that can happen. I mean, if we really believed in it I guess we’d get one step closer.

“All I need is love”

At this point I’m very open to it. I think I’m seeing someone in my dreams. It’s nothing serious, but it’s nice. We’re having a good time. The problem is that I’m not certain she knows about our meetings. I guess I have to tell her. I met her for the first time a couple of days ago… I’m really excited:)

Whoa, I’m going to meet my band tonight. Have a cup of coffee and rehearse on a couple of songs. They’re pretty damn good musicians so I think it’s going to be fun. Our first gig together is on Thursday next in this new bar called “Visekjelleren” in the city of Bergen. …Oh, I have to go…




Ugg ugg,

Is it so that every little lie can make huge differences with time?

I just got home from, guess what, another three days in a car and a lot of ferries. It’s been a lot of fruit and booze, which causes earthquakes in my belly. And I met Kurt Nilsen look-alike “X” (I don’t know his name) who also told me about his problem with people asking for his autograph. I did it too, not that I thought it was Mr. Kurt himself (and I wouldn’t even thought about asking for his a-graph), but this guy was so drunk he didn’t know his own name so I asked him to sign my hand. And he did. So now I have a fake Kurt Nilsen signature on my left forearm.

And we took a lot of funny pictures, which I have, plans on showing you as well. I’m also having a photo session with my photographer tomorrow. So beware of the photo section.

Enough for now… see ya!




I’m back in Bergen after spending days in a car touring the Eastern part of Norway with Karin Park. It’s nice to be finally breathing the air of the West coast again. The problem with the weather on the other side of the mountain is that it is so dry that I have to borrow Karin’s moisture cream every day. Not that it bothers me, but I rather breathe the ocean…

While I’ve been away my new drummer Tor Bjarne has been scanning Bergen for bass-players. It’s not all set, but we’re having a coffee this week to discuss the future. We’re running out of time as to the fact that we’re putting up a gig next week and it’s always nice to have a rehearsal or two before you get on stage.