Hello everybody,

Just another weekend is over and a lot of headache is about to leave the apartment. We’ve been busy having a few meetings about this and that. And I’ve also spent the last days re-writing the lyrics of twelve potential album songs.

The first thing I will do tomorrow is to upload three “new” songs from the last studio-session, so that people around the world can have something to listen to while surfing the web. We also have a few hours of video taped from our last three shows. Hopefully we’ll add an edited version of that as well. We sure want to give something back to our most loyal visitors… And of course to the rest of you (whose probably not reading this anyway:)



Hey hey,

It’s like the more that happens the less I write. Ok, maybe it’s because of the things happening now is not official and/or confirmed stuff. It’s like we’re just walking around in the city waiting for somebody saying – Let’s do it! …it’s a bit frustrating. But it also gives me time to write new songs, the band to rehearse the songs and for us to live the life we’ve always lived which is all about music, beer and women… Ouch! That’s the classic rock ‘n’ roll cliché… Well, we don’t do drugs then:)

Yesterday I finished just another acoustic studio-session. A guy in a square office in London needs to hear a few more songs before a possible agreement. Twelve new songs. It’s fun though, but I have to work on the lyrics. Can be of a too personal kind sometimes… Nothing bad in that, but you know hopefully a few more than myself would have to deal with them and understand the meaning or just be inspired… Anyway, it’s all about self-experience, personal adventures and fiction. That covers it all!

Bye – I’ll be back.




I just landed after three days on a flying carpet. So did my drummer Tor Bjarne, and no one knows about the bass-player Alf who is visiting my hometown Aalesund this weekend to have a gig with “Tennis”, the other band of his. Anyway, it’s Sunday tomorrow and I guess we’re all set for Mondays video shoot by then.

Next week we’re quite busy recording and mixing two new songs, and we’re also excited about next Friday’s Showcase at “Den Stundesløse” in Bergen. A guy from London is coming, I don’t know whether he’s wearing a black suit or if he’s more of the casual kind, but he’s anyway coming over for possible signing a record deal with us. So hey, show up there and be part of this little special happening…