SADNESS IS A BLESSING (lykke li cover)

It’s strange how few cover songs I have managed to put in my shows the last 5 years. I am more and more attracted to the idea that I will always have one or two of my favorite songs in my set list and do my own interpretation of it. So far the list is very short. I can mention Detroit Rock City by KISS, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds by The Beatles, We Are The World by USA for Africa, and these I only played parts from in the middle of a Newborn-jamming situation. 1979 by Smashing Pumpkins is the only song that I played full length. These are songs I’ve done at live shows. And as far as I know I have only covered two songs on radio, one being Yesterday by The Beatles on German radio in Potsdam back in 2006 and Even Flow at some Paris radio show dating back to 2005. That’s it I think.

Well enjoy my first full length YouTube-cover song. Sadness Is A Blessing – one of my favorites this year.