Last day in the studio for now. I have recorded 9 songs. Roughly mixed 8 of them. 2 were cover songs (1979 and Ship Song). I have mainly used the studio’s (or to be correct – Ante’s) Martin 000-28EC (Eric Clapton Signature Acoustic Guitar), as well as my own Moon guitar and for the covers a Gibson Hummingbird. The mic setup consisted of a U47 (vocals), a Coles 438 (guitar), a Royer and an ElektroVoice (demo sound). We also recorded the ambience of the room that later can be added to the sound.

So that was a brief look into the technical side of how I am doing it. Interesting, huh?

All in all it has been a wonderful time spent at the Ocean Sound Recordings (www.oceansoundrecordings.com). Looking forward to next time. Until then, arrivederci!

-rOb the bOb

Pics coming soon.


It’s incredible how tremendously energetic I feel when doing what I love and loving what I do.

It’s insanely difficult to achieve just what I expect of myself when doing things the way of which I always have felt a need to do them. To find the right moment is the key. Something that I find easier if the task was to convince an expecting crowd that my songs are worth a listen, like when playing live in front of an audience. But right now, it’s all about recording the songs onto tape. And this time around I have decided that every song will be recorded live with my guitar and my voice in one take. So I cannot fuck up. But of course I can do as many takes as possibly worth doing before killing myself, ’cause that one magic performance is what I strive for. So when playing live in front of people can be pure pleasure, playing live in the studio can be a pain in the ass. Because you can’t just go on to the next song on the list before you have nailed the one you are working on. And of course you have the aspect of spending money instead of earning so you better do it right. This sounds an awful lot of unprofessionalism when it comes to my live shows (as I suggest that I don’t care), but I guess you forgive me. I am just trying to make a point.

What I wanted to say is that after another 16 hours of singing my heart out I still feel that I can do another 16 hours or so. Because I just love it. And it pours me so much vigor to be doing what I love. Loving what I do is something else. That’s just part of being a singer and songwriter…

Peace & Understanding,

BTW – today I recorded another 3-4 songs… LANDING, HOLD YOUR HANDS UP HIGH, SO BAD OF YOU, BOUNDARIES TO SHAKE. Now you got the titles. Music comes later. It’s all talk, talk, talk for now…


I bicycled to the studio. Flat tire, too much gear. Soft breeze and sunshine.

Day one is always hard. Especially for a man like me who never is too much prepared. I have 105 demos, but I can’t seem to know where to begin. So I began with listening through a whole lot of demos together with engineer Eyvinn Magnus. Sort of a good thing though. Then he can get a grip of what direction I seek without having me explaining with too many words only to mess it up instead of just let the songs speak for themselves.

So I guess the day’s been spent on a lot of writing instead of recording. But even with that said, I have 4-5 songs on tape. Something that I am most happy with. Right now as I am typing I am listening through 20 takes of a brand new song called You Wanna Call Her, Don’t You? Finished the lyrics two hours ago – still working on the guitar arrangements – have to finish it tonight. Before I go to bed.

Very pleased that the recording sessions for my third studio album has begun. So grateful.

All the best,