I bicycled to the studio. Flat tire, too much gear. Soft breeze and sunshine.

Day one is always hard. Especially for a man like me who never is too much prepared. I have 105 demos, but I can’t seem to know where to begin. So I began with listening through a whole lot of demos together with engineer Eyvinn Magnus. Sort of a good thing though. Then he can get a grip of what direction I seek without having me explaining with too many words only to mess it up instead of just let the songs speak for themselves.

So I guess the day’s been spent on a lot of writing instead of recording. But even with that said, I have 4-5 songs on tape. Something that I am most happy with. Right now as I am typing I am listening through 20 takes of a brand new song called You Wanna Call Her, Don’t You? Finished the lyrics two hours ago – still working on the guitar arrangements – have to finish it tonight. Before I go to bed.

Very pleased that the recording sessions for my third studio album has begun. So grateful.

All the best,

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