Last day in the studio for now. I have recorded 9 songs. Roughly mixed 8 of them. 2 were cover songs (1979 and Ship Song). I have mainly used the studio’s (or to be correct – Ante’s) Martin 000-28EC (Eric Clapton Signature Acoustic Guitar), as well as my own Moon guitar and for the covers a Gibson Hummingbird. The mic setup consisted of a U47 (vocals), a Coles 438 (guitar), a Royer and an ElektroVoice (demo sound). We also recorded the ambience of the room that later can be added to the sound.

So that was a brief look into the technical side of how I am doing it. Interesting, huh?

All in all it has been a wonderful time spent at the Ocean Sound Recordings (www.oceansoundrecordings.com). Looking forward to next time. Until then, arrivederci!

-rOb the bOb

Pics coming soon.

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