Why does it always rain in Bergen when I least want it to? Well, it’s not until tomorrow I need sunshine. Anyway. Hey.

It’s been one hell of a progressive week. Rehearsing new songs. Playing live on National Radio. Doing interviews here and there. And we’re gonna top it with performing an outdoor festival called “Totemfestivalen”. It all takes place in sunny Bergen Saturday 21.

On Sunday I’m leaving Bergen for London and songwriting. I really look forward to write a couple of new songs. I’ve also planned feeding the pigeons on “Picadilly Circus” (duh!) and sightseeing “BigB” and “MadamT”. Is all that true? Guess I rather end up shopping shoes, eating chicken and drinking a lot of beers in Camden. Then I probably go home to my hotel room and make long distant phone calls to all my x-girlfriends in Norway.

Next Thursday and Friday we’re playing live in Stavanger. It doesn’t take more than two hours, at most, by plane from any airport in Norway to get there. So there’s no excuse for not showing up. Venue: MARTINIQUE!

On Saturday the 28th of August we play live at Garage, Bergen. Be there!

Karin Park and I are going to Trondheim on Sunday to sing our songs at “LilleLondon”. Finally back in this nice city up north from here…



Good Morning Sunshine,

It’s a beautiful day in Bergen and I’ve just had my breakfast. Burger and a coke. I played a show yesterday and got totally wasted. Fight fire with fire. The only thing that works on a day like this. Eat a lot of junk-food, take a walk in the mountains, buy a new cd that you listen to in headphones (best experience), avoid talking too much (words don’t come out correct anyway), make an effort reading a book (it always helps) but can be a though one. Burger and a coke.

So what’s on? Festival. Beer? No thanks, not now. I’m leaving Bergen for Aalesund tomorrow. A friend of mine (Gunnar) and I are arranging a festival in this tiny café (Lille Løvenvold) and we’re proud to present a nice line-up. It’s our first time doing this. The idea was born at a follow-on party, five o’clock in the morning. A lot of empty bottles. Chicken and coffee. Movie on the wall. Quarrel. Silent conversation. Sunset.

Line-up: Sissy Wish, Karin Park, Nils Noa, DJ Sixpence, Robert Post (of course).

So if any of you readers are in Aalesund or close to Aalesund this weekend, then I hope you will join us. Music. Art. Film. Love.