Good Morning Sunshine,

It’s a beautiful day in Bergen and I’ve just had my breakfast. Burger and a coke. I played a show yesterday and got totally wasted. Fight fire with fire. The only thing that works on a day like this. Eat a lot of junk-food, take a walk in the mountains, buy a new cd that you listen to in headphones (best experience), avoid talking too much (words don’t come out correct anyway), make an effort reading a book (it always helps) but can be a though one. Burger and a coke.

So what’s on? Festival. Beer? No thanks, not now. I’m leaving Bergen for Aalesund tomorrow. A friend of mine (Gunnar) and I are arranging a festival in this tiny café (Lille Løvenvold) and we’re proud to present a nice line-up. It’s our first time doing this. The idea was born at a follow-on party, five o’clock in the morning. A lot of empty bottles. Chicken and coffee. Movie on the wall. Quarrel. Silent conversation. Sunset.

Line-up: Sissy Wish, Karin Park, Nils Noa, DJ Sixpence, Robert Post (of course).

So if any of you readers are in Aalesund or close to Aalesund this weekend, then I hope you will join us. Music. Art. Film. Love.


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