Aalesund/Langevaag (June 3,4):

It only takes some good music, good company and of course nice weather to survive a seven-hour trip from Bergen to Aalesund. Karin Park and I rented car, small but comfy, to take us to two sold out shows in my hometown area.

After a long sunny day sightseeing the fjords and the big mountains of this beautiful Western part of Norway we arrived Aalesund and Lille Løvenvoll. This small bar is maybe, if you ask me, the most lovely place to spend time with friends or alone if you like to eat good food, listen to good music and have something good to drink. Gunnar, the manager and chef, served the best wolfish I’ve tasted my entire life. Karin agreed.

Then back to my sisters flat to take a shower and dress up for tonight’s show. Half past eleven and the place were packed with people. We did well. We had to ask the audience to sit down on the floor so that everyone in the room could see the stage, and they did. It was intimate and cozy.


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