London (June 1, 2):

Got up early. Watched the sunset. Took the bus to the airport Bergen Flesland. Radio. Airport breakfast. Boring. Expensive. Almost forgot to go to gate. Take-off, blue sky and landing.

Stansted, London. Hank picking me up. Traffic jam. Chicken for lunch. Meeting with Patrick (Nettwerk Management). Checking in at Holiday Inn, Camden. Nice hotel. Dinner with Mike (Universal) and Patrick. Hank joining us for sparkling water and beer. Nice guys. Goodnight London.

Meeting with lawyer Kieran. Breakfast in the sun. Then off to meet Universal with my guitar and a few songs. Funny and scary at the same time. Everything went fine. Heathrow next. Business class. Budweiser. Reading Dave Grohl’s biography. Alone. Watching take-offs and landings. Sleep sleep sleep. Finally back in Bergen. Preparing next days six-hour journey by car to Aalesund. Sleep. Sweet dreams. Alarm.


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