A rendition of a song written by Alf Wold (1971-2003). I contributed with this recording on the Sleepwalking CD released in November 2004 (10 years ago!!!). 

The tracks on Sleepwalking was composed by Alf Vold who died of cancer in 2003, and the profits went to Kreftforeningen (the Norwegian Cancer Society). Most of the contributing musicians lived in Bergen.

Such as…

William HutEmmerhoff & The Melancholy Babies, PV and Karin Park, Petiko, Manngard, Gisli KristjanssonReal OnesSissy Wish and Doddo.


Robert Post – vocals, guitars, piano and keyboard
Tor Bjarne Bjelland – drums and percussion
Alf Egil Aukan – bass
Jørn Haarr Eriksson – engineer, mixer and producer

Recorded at Lydriket, Bergen, Norway


I have sent the RHETORIC master and artwork to manufacturing. Been struggling all week with the sequencing of this album, sometimes a tough nut to crack. After exchanging views on this with my good friend Egil Olsen and my girlfriend, who’s occasionally been working as a DJ and therefor has this natural hunch about the order of songs or maybe it was that…

female intuition thing that shone threw,
(and that helped a lot.)

The album will be released on CD (Digipack) unlimited and on 12″ vinyl (180 gr) limited to 500 copies and numbered. On the digital releases there will be one extra song. The vinyl is just gonna be the good-looking fella and therefor doesn’t need that extra song. And here you have the album sleeve as designed by Egil Olsen – the singer/songwriter – not the football manager (just had to, just had to clear that).

You like that?
I do.

So about time I release another song from the album. In form of a video. You have heard this song before if you took the time to listen to the live album that I released in July this year. Frontline and Landing – the two first songs that I finished in the process of making RHETORIC (season one).  And here’s the official LANDING music video.

You like that?
I do.

Hugs and Kisses,
-bOb tOast

PS! Listen to a live version of the single from Live at Ocean Sound Recordings, you can also buy it on iTunes, Amazon, etc. plus stream on Spotify and WIMP.