Ugg ugg,

Is it so that every little lie can make huge differences with time?

I just got home from, guess what, another three days in a car and a lot of ferries. It’s been a lot of fruit and booze, which causes earthquakes in my belly. And I met Kurt Nilsen look-alike “X” (I don’t know his name) who also told me about his problem with people asking for his autograph. I did it too, not that I thought it was Mr. Kurt himself (and I wouldn’t even thought about asking for his a-graph), but this guy was so drunk he didn’t know his own name so I asked him to sign my hand. And he did. So now I have a fake Kurt Nilsen signature on my left forearm.

And we took a lot of funny pictures, which I have, plans on showing you as well. I’m also having a photo session with my photographer tomorrow. So beware of the photo section.

Enough for now… see ya!


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