The summer moved out and I thought I moved on. Now they say it is coming back. August always seem to surprise us here as far as the weather is concerned. I remember going back to school after the summer holidays, we were always sat on the sunny side of our school’s building. Some holding hands, some talking about music. But always with the sun shining at us. So I guess now that August is here and I thought it to be the start of the autumn, I better look at it as the end of the summer and go for it. Give in to the softness and pleasure that a warm day brings and let it create positive energy to my work. ‘Cause that’s what this is all about. Sometimes you keep looking for that energy of good vibes that is needed when feeling stuck in a deal you can’t get out of. Summer has always brightened things up. But what if the summer leaves and autumn colors are changing the way you look at things? The rain keeps messing about with the image you have built of your dream…

Perhaps all this talk is far off the map when it comes down to the last week or so, when everything was just as perfect as it could be. I mean, playing in front of as many as 10,000 people at the Sommerfesten ( was a blast, and when push comes to shove – I must admit we did pretty well. When thinking of it now, I must be honest and tell you I cannot remember a thing from it. I kinda reach a state of coma when singing in front of people. It’s the same with all my performances though. I can’t recall playing in front of 50,000 people in Dublin four years ago either, even though I know we did. I do not keep the full of my shows, I keep details. That’s all I have. I tend to get lost in the music.

So that’s all good then. My dream is intact and I will get out the brushes tomorrow. And on Monday (I like Mondays) I am going to have the details fixed. And straighten a few things out and get on with it. Leave it to dry and give it a try. This is the month of me getting back into shape. Back into the light. A soft spotlight. Softness is my kind.


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