Happy New Year to y’all! I hope you are as excited about the new year as I am. And that Christmastide have been treating you very well! For me it’s been a rollercoaster ride since I began recording new songs on the 23rd of Dec (not a very good idea) in between Christmas family parties and nights out on town wining not dining just to end up getting ill just before New Year’s Eve. But hey, I Ain’t Complaining (Status Quo album from 1988).

Fever has its upside. I dream weird dreams and the weirder dreams the more inspiration to suck from it. Try sweating liters upon liters of salty water for a night while trying to explain to your body that there’s not a chance in the world it will align with the healthy model of yourself in a parallel universe. And you twist and you turn and you sweat and you change your sports underwear twice or three times or whatever… till you wake up and feel your back ache from the torments that your heated mind caused on your innocent body. It just can’t be turned off.

Now I’m at peace with the whole of myself. I have smelled fresh air and food. And Christmas I threw out the window…

I thought I start the new year with a COMPETITION!!!
You can win music in physical formats like a CD or even on vinyl… how about that?
OR maybe I will sew you a nice Robert Post Owl Egg Cosy.
You decide.

I ask you a simple question. What was the second single from my debut album?
Answer with a comment. I will announce winners early February and send you stuff after I have gotten your postal address.
Cool, huh?

And another treat after a little help from you. As some of you might already know I have a live album coming out due in late February, but I would like to give you a taster and you get to choose it. Vote your favorite song to the top in the poll and I will post a FREE MP3 of that particular song when it’s home from mastering! Tx.


  1. Robert, should we post the answer here???
    Thanks for the competition thing!

  2. Alber, yes please. I realize that everybody can see each others answers but hey I guess it doesn’t matter… many people will be right anyway. And maybe a few wrongs. I am not telling;)

  3. OK, thanks for the answer.
    Well, I’m gonna be the one taking the risk and say ‘Got None’.

    I’ve the feeling that I read in the past that ‘Got None’ was the second single and that surprised me at the moment, ’cause I thought it had be the first one.

    About the comment for the answer, I need to say that I discovered your music as an exchange student in Denmark (’cause in Spain we did not have the chance to have it).
    It was the soundtrack of that unforgetable year abroad.

    Fingers crossed now. The “Second Single” mystery will be soon revealed!

  4. Hmm. There is one thing(…) that disturbs me, as on Facebook “There’s One Thing” is actually listed below the album and “Got None”. But even there it says, that it was released by Mercury Records and if you check when that was, it states 31st October 2005 (which would be after “Got None” of course). Other websites though state that there was a promo of “There’s One Thing” and that could have been released before the actual album. Even if “There’s One Thing” was released as a promotion single, I think that does not count because you could not really buy it in the store, so I would also go for it as the official 2nd single.

    “There’s One Thing”

  5. ”There’s One Thing” =2nd single from Debut album.
    Love that poll/competition thing,it’s almost old school now ! We’re getting too far away from the ”good old” days :)

  6. There’s One thing
    You should know, I hasn’t always been like this !

    In france that was the second, Got None was the one that was on the radio for a long long time and we nearly didn’t hear about “There’s one thing” which appeared just after.

    Most of the people in France know the song Got none but can’t tell who it’s from, it’s become one of those songs which a lot of people know about but can’t tell who it’s from unfortunately :(.
    A bit like Lemon Tree by Fool’s Garden, Tainted Love by Soft Cell, 74-75 by the Connels, or Narcotic by Liquido (for this one people don’t even know the name of the song i noticed).

  7. I would say “there s one thing” but it s difficult because i know in Uk “there’s was thing ” was the first and “got none” the second, but in France we didn’t really heard about there’s one thing at least not before we heard “got none”
    I remember listening the album over and over while studying for my high school degree now it became an habit for me, everytime i have to study for exams i do it with the album ^^

  8. I would say “There’s one thing” too (but I’m not sure)…I love this song and many other of your albums!I would love to see you in live so if you come to Lyon(France) you can be sure I would be here!
    Bisous de Lyon! :-)

  9. Aaarrgh !! It’s impossible to choose only one song !!
    Maybe “A curse that won’t leave” but It’s very difficult to choose by someone who listen all the song regulary for people who will listen for the first time…

  10. Hi Robert!

    I was fairly sure that your second single was ‘There’s One Thing’, until I read the discussion going on in the previous comments – which made me doubt myself! Rather cunning of you, Mr Post! ; )

    Nevertheless, I’m sticking to my guns this time. It’s ‘There’s One Thing’. So there!

    By the way, I couldn’t vote for my favourite Robert Post song, ’cause it wasn’t on the list! (It’s the one with the fishes – you know the one I mean! ; p ) So I went with my second choice. Also, what about the song called ‘Coming Down’? That one’s very catchy, but doesn’t appear to be on any of your official albums…

    An Owl Egg Cosy? Are you serious? How about a Robert Post Egg Cosy instead? : p

    Anyway, hope you’re fully recovered from the excesses of the holiday season. Have a fabulous 2011!

  11. The right answer is
    Meaning most of you were right.
    So now it’s just for me to pick out winners…
    Names on paper. Mix it in a hat.
    I’ll be back with news. Very soon. ISH.

    -bOb pOst

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