It was so comfortable staying in a hotel bed last night. After a gig of which I really enjoyed a lot I went straight to my hotel for a cold pint of lager, then twittering about it, off to bed and a good nights sleep. I woke up just in time for breakfast, had a cup of coffee and charged my phone. I was sat in the hotel reception for two or three hours waiting for my sound guy to come down to Brighton from London. At 2 PM he arrived with The Alexandria Quartet and a tired look upon his face. He hadn’t slept much due to an unamed band member’s interest of bringing girls and a party home for the night. Knackered he joined me for the ride to Plymouth. A four and a half hour drive by the sea with a thousand roundabouts… One gets so tired of them roundabouts after a while. Especially when being the driver… now I have muscular pain in both my feet.

Plymouth was a beautiful city. Just by the seaport and with a wonderful view. I took pictures and made a funny little stop motion video. (soon to be posted)

Meanwhile watch this that I helped make: http://tinyurl.com/q9wzfs !)

So after a not so good show we went all the way back to Brighton and a few hours of sleep. Harald had another load in at another venue at 10 AM, he’s doing the sound here for the A4. After that at a 100 miles per hour – next stop will be, Bristol and The Grain Barge!


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