Hi and how are you?

I am fine. I have the reason to be. And I hope you have a good time around… The by:Larm Festival is over and we are almost sober. We began recording a couple of new songs on Wednesday so new demos are soon to be available in the Audio section. The titles are: “Don’t mess it up now” and “Eat me up”.

Some of you probably wonder what’s up next. Well let’s say, we’re booking a lot of gigs in Norway these days so I guess we’re coming to a venue near you soon. On the other hand, I will still support Karin Park on their tour. On those shows it’ll only be my guitar, and me but I promise to give you a garden of sound anyway.

As some of you might know, we’re in contact with some international record companies about signing a deal. But nothing is set. We’re heading for London in March to showcase for all these nice men in suits. So quite busy…

Hang in here – and you will be the first to know when something happens!!!


“2011 Updates” – audio content to be uploaded asap

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