After four hours of sleep on a hotel room floor in Brighton I woke up to take Harald to load-in at some venue I can’t recall the name of. The Alexandria Quartet was doing a showcase at Nettwerk record label’s party at The Great Escape. It was a 1 o’clock show so we had plenty of time to get to Bristol and the Grain Barge after they had finished. As always we forgot about the potential traffic jams and accidents. We had both on our way to the final goal for the night. So a bit late we arrived.

After sound check we checked in at the Clifton Hotel, a small but very nice hotel in the city centre, for a cup of tea and a biscuit. Blood sugar level at its lowest. A perfect warm up for a great gig. It turned out… great!

Pleased with the night we got back to the hotel for five bottles each of Bud and some crisps. Nutrition-wise not the best day of this tour. But it’s strange how my body can survive days on water, coffee, beer and crisps every now and then.


Just an hour drive from Bristol we arrived at The Globetrotters Bar in Pontypridd. No one there yet as it was still early in the day. I went for a stroll down the main street looking for a new T-shirt and socks while Harald took a nap in the back seat of the van. With stores closing and the rain pouring down the best buy I could find was a purple T-shirt with Joker on it smiling. Better that than my sweater with coffee stains on it. I travel lightly these days…

Even though I must admit there’s no better excuse for new buys than not having anything to wear. It’s a life of the pop stars, isn’t it?


The venue of the night was on the right side of the town we were told as the city centre was a bit rough on Saturday nights. And locals known for fighting and trouble making police had to be in great numbers in this small city.

Such a lovely bunch of people organized the gig and I had the best time performing my songs in front of an unexpecting crowd. It turned out one of the better shows so far. Now at least a few people have my CD in Wales.

Thanks Dan & Richard.

And I also learned that it’s a good idea to wipe out the words “love” and “hate” out of every language on Earth as they are only causing trouble. They don’t mean anything anymore. So we should come up with new words for emotions like that.

What do you think?


I introduced myself, played 4 songs and went back to London. This was supposed to be a night where I just turned up to play a couple of songs. So that’s what I did.

We were knackered after that long drive from Wales to London the night before and we couldn’t bother to stay around for long. It’s never my intention to be rude or anything… I just had to get back to bed.


I had really looked forward to this show opening for songstress Miranda Lee Richards. She did not disappoint me. I loved her show. It was only her and a guitarist whom I was told had just been playing with her on her last three shows. So it was just that little bit unplanned that I like it… you know when the artists and musicians have to connect on the spot to make a great show. That guitar solos will be just that much off the track but still sound perfect and when singers ad lib and improvise. She even rehearsed the cellist of first act on for the night, The Lost Brothers, for one of her songs just before she went on. That is just the spirit I like.

The Lost Brothers were also very good. I bought their 12″ vinyl. I believe it to be a great record.

My show went down well with her crowd. Now well warmed up for Wednesdays headline show at The Slaughtered Lamb. Can’t wait.

All the best,

PS! This is a video from a gig we went to see after The Borderline. It’s a song by the fantastic Tommy Tokyo & Starving for my Gravy live at the 12 Bar in London. It’s this year’s best concert that I have attended. You just go on the web and look ’em up.

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