I have so far travelled without my phone. I left it in the car just before I boarded the Hurtigruten, voted the `Best Niche Cruise Line´… And I tell you – you should try it! It is said that the Lofoten ferry, the vessel I took, has a classic charm that many find irresistible. Built in 1964 and listed a Historical Monument it sure has its charm… meaning it has its goods and bads.

I chose my sleeping bag and a sofa in the corner to be my companions for the night, instead of going for the fairly cheap but maybe less comfortable cabin. I could have ended up near the machine room and with no view, while they throw you out of your room at 10 AM. I was better off  on the sofa and the seagulls waking me up at half eleven.

I had barely opened my eyes before some crazy, drunk guy came up to me and offered himself a seat next to me. He’d already had one bottle of wine that morning and was now onto his second. He couldn’t wait till the bar opened so he could have a “proper drink”, as he called it. He wasn’t liking wine too much, he told me he drank it only because of the alcohol. He prefered home brew mixed with coffee and a teaspoon of sugar. We sat down for hours of conversations…


My sound guy picked me up in Bergen and we drove straight down to Stavanger for a small private gig. We had a great time hanging out with old friends… I love these people down here. They are such cool guys to be around. They make you so welcome and I couldn’t have had a better warm-up for my tour.

Tonight we are leaving with the ferry. Stavanger -> Hirtshals. But before that I’m gonna sit down at some local pub and watch my hometown football team beat the crap out of our neighbour city team. I might even gamble on that one…

Awrite, when back working on my personal mac (PM) I will post some photos. Photos of a bridge, a boat and the crazy Norwegian.

Peace + Love,

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  1. If I had one wish fulfilled tonight, I’ll be travelling from France to England (maybe not with the seagulls, though it’s sounds great) just to listen to the meaningful and universal texts of your songs, performed with such a magic and unique voice !!! I wish you good luck on your solo tour, hope you’ll meet a lot of interesting and receptive people to share your music and feelings with :)

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