Finally I got off that tourist thing that we’ve been doing the last couple of days. We literally walked all over London looking for great monuments and museums. So I guess I’ve seen a lot that I didn’t bother to visit when being a resident of the city.

We were now on our way to Wallingford for the first show of this tour. To be honest this was supposed to be a warm-up for the Oxford show, you know, to pull a decent crowd. Well on our way our promoter rang and told us tonight had to be cancelled. Nothing’s on. The place is closed. And there’s no one there. Great. That is the perfect beginning of my first UK tour in ages.

But you know, there’s nothing you can do except be polite and not make too much fuzz about it. At least that’s my take on it.

Then suddenly we were redirected to Wargrave and an unannounced show at the local pub The Greyhound. It turned out better than what I imagined. This old pub had been there for centuries and even had its own forge with all its tools laid out on the floor. It was just like traveling back in time.

With no amplifiers this must be the most intimate show of this tour. It sure wasn’t planned so it just had to be like this. I love when these things happen. The spontaneous feel of it, the intimacy, the look on people’s faces when some guy just walks in to play a show for them on a regular night out, and the connection to the audience when doing it all that simple and acoustically. I guess that was also like traveling back in time. To a time where music was about having a good time and make the night lively. This night turned out to be something like that.



This video is filmed in front of the forge:

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