Today, feeling like one of those Sixties troubadours travelling around with their guitars on their backs, I am going by train down to Brighton for my gig at the Western Front. Right now at the Apple Store, Regents Street, I am listening to this guy’s master class in Numbers. It all reminding me that I have to make sure to get my tax return delivered in time this year. I do suck on the business side of things.

Feeling bored already?

I was not going to say too much anyways… just thought I let you know that the last couple of shows has been nice quiet ones. I have had the chance to play most of my songs in different ways, trying out new twists and turns on guitar solos and Harald (sound guy) playing with all them effects build in in the mixer consoles. I do think the songs keep getting better as we go along. It’s been so long since I toured or even played solo shows so bits and bobs need rearranging.

I did film the shows. Now just need editing. I will get to that in my hotel room in Brighton. Now moving out of here. Down to Victoria Station. A bite to eat. A book to read. An hour on the train. All smiles.

PS! My album is now available as digital bundle through 7digital indiestore and is at the moment second in the indiestore chart! Buy here:


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  1. Thanks for doing this blog Mr. Post. I’m stuck in Denmark and can not come to England or Norway for your gigs, so its nice to follow you at least through the digital media.

    All the best and enjoy the british days!

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