The sun is killing all creativity and running away with my time. Since postponing the release of the now infamous album Disarm & Let Go I have been sat at my desk trying to figure out a plan. Now the summer is here with temperatures rising and the sea outside my windows looks just that little too fresh and warm for me to not be going for a swim. So that’s how my days have been the last weeks… I’ve been in the water cooling down my overheated head ’cause it doesn’t seem like I can figure out anything worth doing with my music while sitting in my office. And BBQs have been quite popular attractions… ’cause it tends to include beer. Which leads us to this film, or music video, if you like…

The Way We Are, the B-side of There’s One Thing from 2005. It was never released outside the UK. But I thought I let you hear it now in the wait of anything new. The film though is from last weekend’s BBQ. Focus on whichever of the two medias you like. Or both… of course.


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