I’ve spent all of September recording and mixing my new album Rhetoric. Even though I have only spent about 15 days in the studio it has been in creation and in my head 24/7 all month. It’s a lot of music to come up with, consume, develop, ennoble and strengthen since I decided to play all instruments (apart from strings, Lise does that) myself and therefor is challenging to manage and overview. It’s been hectic, intensive, creative and, not to say the least, a lot of fun. My companion in the process has been the ever so great Rune Berg who, this time, has been engineering and mixing (sometimes even co-produced!, thanks for that, it wasn’t in the deal), so all in good hands.

Tonight we are putting down the final mix.

This album is my proudest moment. It feels like it’s first now, after so many years since my debut, that I have finally come back to be the playful, spontaneous and unstudied musician and artist that I so much enjoyed being in the years before signing to a major label and the whirlwind of rules and regulations that came with that. It’s been a roller coaster ride where the valleys are deep, dark and depressive, and the mountain tops, that I so much love, are reaching sky high. Luckily, for me, I enjoy both – it breeds something interesting in both ends and I have always believed in keeping it real. And reality is not toneless.

With love,

If you wanna hang with me on my journey towards my third studio album release, I am going to post updates, describe songs and show you videos from the studio sessions here on this site. Today, all fresh from today’s session, a video of Rune mixing Hold Your Hands Up High.

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