I am currently working on my fifth studio album. Here are some titles for you…

What Has Become Of Me? (…) Without A Shield // Old Hat (!)
Devil’s Game — Love /// 29.5 Days
Modern Needs ;;; Be Mine -/- Time – to Love Again … pride “””
Do NOT run Empty /// don’t be surprised -;-
Oasis (!!!!!) TANGLED WEB , don’t wait another year … In This Town .,’,. Thunderstorm ::: bitter tears



View from the barn where I sometimes write.



I will be by myself, attached only to a guitar and a backpack, and will be doing a series of house concerts throughout Europe.

I need you in a particular city who will find a large house (maybe a coffee house if no houses are suitable), hopefully that can comfortably fit 50-200 people, not bother the neighbors, easy for parking.

Then you will invite your friends to come to this concert at the house which I will play. And even better, you will decide the playlist and also vote for a cover song that I will play at the concert!

You want me to come to your place?

Send me a private message (artist page, please) with your contact details and I will get in touch!

All the best,


Here’s a pre-programmed shuffle playlist that’ll introduce you to almost all corners of my catalogue. Studio recordings, live songs and demo-like rarities.  It also includes a couple of free downloads if you have a closer look at it.

That’s it for now folks. I’ll be back with more news on my new record (RHETORIC SEASON TWO) due this fall.

Peace and love