I will be by myself, attached only to a guitar and a backpack, and will be doing a series of house concerts throughout Europe.

I need you in a particular city who will find a large house (maybe a coffee house if no houses are suitable), hopefully that can comfortably fit 50-200 people, not bother the neighbors, easy for parking.

Then you will invite your friends to come to this concert at the house which I will play. And even better, you will decide the playlist and also vote for a cover song that I will play at the concert!

You want me to come to your place?

Send me a private message (artist page, please) with your contact details and I will get in touch!

All the best,


In February and March I will be touring with Marianne of Katzenjammer’s solo project Dandylion in Europe, both opening for her and playing guitar in her band. It’s gonna be a blast! If everything is going according to my plans I will also bring a brand spanking new album with me on the road. RHETORIC SEASON TWO is in the making.


Here are the confirmed dates (more tba):

17-FEB-2012 Beta Copenhagen DK
20-FEB-2013 Lagerhaus Bremen DE
21-FEB-2013 Gleis 22 Muenster DE
22-FEB-2013 Stardtgarten Cologne DE
23-FEB-2013 Ampere Munich DE
25-FEB-2013 Schlaschthof Wiesbaden DE
27-FEB-2013 ColosSaal Aschaffenburg DE
28-FEB-2013 Knust Hamburg DE
01-MAR-2013 Postbanhof Berlin DE
04-MAR-2013 Eldorado Zurich CH
05-MAR-2013 Arenberg Schouwburg Antwerpen BE
06-MAR-2013 Bitteroet Amsterdam NL

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