I can finally announce that the full back catalogue is soon available in all usual outlets on the world wide web. Today I am editing the files for the Ocean Sessions EP from 2007 and happy to let you know that it will include, for the first time since its release, the song Without A Heart I’d Rather Die that was a part of the original sessions. A longer version of U (Try, Try, Try) as originally only available on the CD version is also part of the new digital release.

Updates on the release with some behind the scenes footage will be posted later.




U (Try, Try, Try)
It’s Never Gonna Be Perfect (featuring Leigh Nash)
Without A Heart I’d Rather Die
Out Of Skills
A Curse That Won’t Leave (Pt 1)
A Curse That Won’t Leave (Pt 2)



Here’s a pre-programmed shuffle playlist that’ll introduce you to almost all corners of my catalogue. Studio recordings, live songs and demo-like rarities.  It also includes a couple of free downloads if you have a closer look at it.

That’s it for now folks. I’ll be back with more news on my new record (RHETORIC SEASON TWO) due this fall.

Peace and love

IT’S NEVER GONNA BE PERFECT (the story behind the duet)

I just found the original sketch and lyrics for a song from the Ocean Sessions EP (2007).

It's Never Gonna Be Perfect, sketches/lyrics (2006).

Back in 2006 when I was writing for a follow-up EP to my eponymous debut album, I was thinking of doing a duet with someone. Going through different demos and songs that I had laying around I came by a recording of the song “It’s Never Gonna Be Perfect” that I had done the basic tracks for in a studio outside Bergen, Norway.

I actually helped build this studio back in the days when I was recording albums with Sissy Dogfish. We recorded the single “Win This Race” (2000) and “What Happens Next?” (2002) there.

Then, recording the EP at Ocean Sound Recordings (the original boat house studio), I thought why not include this song and get a female singer to do parts on it. Since I had already gotten my management to ask Marit Larsen’s people whether she’d sing with me on the A-side, Message, and without any luck on that (she was probably too busy or not keen) decided to think of someone else for the B-side.


In 2005 I toured with Aimee Mann on shows in the UK, Ireland and France. We got along well. She gave me some well advised “things-to-think-about” and look out for, me being signed to a major label, and she told me about the ways of being independent and how to run my own little business. Anyways, I sent an email to my management asking them to contact Aimee.

It was a good idea, they said, but decided that they had a better plan. One of the bands on the Nettwerk label called Sixpence None The Richer had a lead singer who was a big fan of my debut album and they thought she would be the perfect match for the song – so they asked her.

I knew of Leigh and her beautiful and cool voice from Sixpence’s hit-single Kiss Me and was instantly keen on working with her. She replied with “I’ll literally eat shit to do this” and from that moment on we didn’t look back. My engineer put down a rough mix of the song, sent an mp3 over the Atlantic, Leigh recorded her lead with two harmony tracks and I got it back by no time to put it in the final mix. Fantastic!


That was my first and, to this day, only transatlantic collaboration. I have ever since been tremendously thankful to Leigh for her help on making this song so much better and that’s why I now, after finding the original hand-written lyric, had to tell you the story behind the recording of my first duet.

The song was released digitally on the Ocean Sessions EP worldwide on April 29, 2007 through Nettwerk Music and distributed in Norway on CD through my own label Bobfloat Music and Playground Music on May 15, 2007.

Here’s the song:

You can hear the whole EP on SoundCloud. If a physical copy is what you like, send an email to Bobfloat Music and they’ll give you the details on how to go forward.

Peace and Love, and thank you LEIGH NASH!!!