I am currently working on my fifth studio album. Here are some titles for you…

What Has Become Of Me? (…) Without A Shield // Old Hat (!)
Devil’s Game — Love /// 29.5 Days
Modern Needs ;;; Be Mine -/- Time – to Love Again … pride “””
Do NOT run Empty /// don’t be surprised -;-
Oasis (!!!!!) TANGLED WEB , don’t wait another year … In This Town .,’,. Thunderstorm ::: bitter tears



View from the barn where I sometimes write.


On February 20 I posted this on Facebook.

So I guess I had to do it.

Listen in context of the dogme-like way of which I was producing it. I haven’t used any other recording equipment than the built-in microphone on my Mac and a few software instruments. It was quite a stressful recording situation but at the same time I found it creatively challenging in positive terms. It was moments of fun and some of despair… banging my head against the wall for the obvious reasons you would experience if ever trying to record a bass guitar or drums through a PC-microhone. Even worse – the vocals…

I leave you to it, and present you THE BUTTON MOULDER’S WALTZ:

pt 1 be kind
pt 2 buttom moulder’s waltz
pt 3 fair game
pt 4 operation odyssey dawn

Since I have decided to call my new album The Button Moulder and that some ideas from this production is involved in that I have to take down the free downloads for now. It may be that I will make it available again. But as for now… You gotta wait for THE BUTTON MOULDER on October 25, 2013.

It was done on this:

And finally, as promised – I made the artwork in the Photo Booth!


PS i did use pro tools to cut the final wav file and photoshop elements for the title on the artwork. that’s it.