Saturday I commenced what I have chosen to call “Acoustic Spring”. The first show of the year, a new beginning – new songs, new sound. Focusing on what I started out with, my voice and an acoustic guitar. All in all – plenty. It was an uplifting experience, even though it felt a little bit like stepping into the unknown (or back in to the past), I consider it a success viewed from a personal perspective. Because I had almost forgotten how I pull of a decent show on my own. And I think the audience liked it too.

I played three new songs; So Bad Of You (So Bad Of Me), Hey Hey For The Record and Fever (Believer). And I must add – those where the three best performances of the evening, if I was to ask myself.


Here’s a press clip (in Norwegian), a chat about the plans of 2010:
Den Akustiske Post

PS! Pics and videos from the show to be posted soon.

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