Hi, it’s been a while…

I am busy taking care of my 17 months old daughter… being the homemaker of the family. We’re having so much fun, building Lego, drawing cats and horses and circles… (st)rolling up and down Torshov a couple of times every day. And she loves to ride her 3-wheel scooter. I have my hands full.

So any news in form of music? Kinda.
As far as my new album is concerned, I am working on the lyrics all fall.

So what is this update all about? A song.

I am participating on a tribute album (“SANNHET PÅ BOKS”) for Raga Rockers, one of the finest rock bands of Norway, covering their song ‘En Vakker Dag’. More than a hundred Norwegian bands and artists are taking part in this crowd-funded project from New Jelly (Sannhet På Boks). I decided to produce it the way I did with The Button Moulder, so I recorded and played all instruments myself… and got a little help with the mix from my friend Lars Voldsdal (the producer of my new studio album). Pretty satisfied.

The song, the first ever (for me) to be sung in my native tongue, will be released on October 29. It will also have its radio premiere the same day on Ordentlig Radio (ordentligradio.no)!


Here is a snippet of the song on SoundCloud…

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