So the conclusion is I must return to Germany very soon.

After 5 days on the road and 4 shows held I totally understand why Germany is told to be one of the more convenient countries to tour. If a tour is well-planned just like the Katzenjammer’s was, you get from one place to another without any hassle or difficulties. You just get on the tour bus, have a few beers to sleep well and with a blink of an eye you wake up in a new city, right outside the venue you will be playing the same night. Pretty damn sweet.

And then you have the audience. It’s been my first ever gigs in Germany (I only been here on a radio promo tour back in 2006) and I must say even as the opening act I was overwhelmed with applause. I decided not to have the same setlist every night and as much as possible be playing new songs. And by the response and feedback from the crowd under and after the show I am more confident than ever on my new material. Again pretty damn sweet.

I even sold out all the merchandise I brought with me on tour. So hopefully I have built an ever so small platform from which I can work myself up and onwards from in this new territory. In July/August I will visit Berlin for a few acoustic showcases. And after that… meetings with record companies. Possible sweetness.

I am sure my next album will have its physical release in Germany. So I better get home and work on it.

Next up I have a show in Paris on Monday the 31st of May.
So until then, auf wiedersehen/au revoir!

All the best,


  1. I’m sooo happy now that I’ve heard these great news!! :) You made my day Robert. I will definately be there!

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