I will be by myself, attached only to a guitar and a backpack, and will be doing a series of house concerts throughout Europe. I need you in a particular city who will find a large house (maybe a coffee house if no houses are suitable), hopefully that can comfortably fit 50-200 people, not bother the neighbors, easy for parking. Then you will invite your friends to come to this concert at the house which I will play.

You want me to come to your place?
Go to link and leave a comment with your contact details and I will get in touch!

All the best,

BTW, here’s a list of titles for the 103 demos I have recorded for my next album(s):

All Of Us Know It
Around My House
The Banjo In Tune
Better Days
Bonjour Tristesse
Bicycle Out Of Town
Christmas Eve, Steve
Dam Ta Ta Ta Ta
Do Not Run Empty
Driven by Anxiety
Du Dam Da
Everyday Breakfast
Fairy tale of a Gangsters Missus
Fever (I)
Fever (II)
The Fool
Hard Life
Hey Hey For The Record (I)
Hey Hey For The Record (II)
Hold Your Hands Dry
How Bad Of Me
Hurrah, There’s No Agenda
I Adore You
I Dwell
I See You Girl
I Want To Leave
In A Bubble
In The Afternoon I Get Things Done (for an hour)
In This Town
It’s A Bride’s Wish Today
Kill Time Sleeping
Last Day Of May
Lies VS Truth
Looking At The World Now
Love, Don’t Fight
A Machine And No Feelings
Most Likely to Cancel
My Body
My Friend In Need Of Help
My Girl
My Life Aside
My Past Is Still On Fire
My Rage
No Promise Land Future
No, No, No
Not Over
Old Man’s Diet
Old Ministry On The Hill
On The Road To Nothing
Outside Our Window
Painted My Heart Black
Poem Of Time
Promise To Go Wild
Protect the word
Save The Common Man
Say You Love It
See Who Do
Sell Your Soul (Stereo)
Seven Hundred Years On The Phone
So Bad Of You
Some Live When They Die
Supporting The War
Sweet Dreams
Sweet Old Lady
Take Him Out, Put Him To Sleep
Take It Or Leave It
Tape Me When I’m leaving
Television Gospel
This Bucket Of Flowers
This Is Where I Go And Solve My Problems
Top Of The World
Track Me Down
Tried So Many Times
Two Lovers Separating
War on Artist
Watch The Game From A Wooden Branch
We Do Like Neighbors After All
Welcome Mrs. Brown
Why Be Sitting On The Fence
Why Do You Go?
Why Don’t You Cry (Outro)
Why Don’t You Cry More Than You Do?
Will The Road Ever Be This Long Again
Win, Win, Win
Winning Crime
Wise Man Shut Up
Years Been Spent Washing Up
You And Your Comments
You Are On One Side
You Say It’s Alright
You Wanna Call Her, Don’t You?
Your Song
1.3 billion cupic km of water
5 Minutes
29.5 Days

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