We had those few beers. We went to Waganama in Camden. It’s one of my favorite restaurants, ’cause even though it’s a chain of restaurants they make good food and good food is what we like. I had my regular course of chili chicken and nudles and a Asahi beer. Harald ordered some duck dumplings (which I liked very much), nudles with whatever and a Tiger, which, of course is not his favorite ’cause he prefers the Cobra.

(what’s up with naming your beer after animals, you Indian people?)

Off to the Lock Tavern. This is the one bar you always have to visit when in Camden. It’s one of those bars with good music (live, or from a DJ), nice girls (& boys), fairly cheap alcohol and a backyard that even in November is quite a comfortable place to dig in beers. Something which is perfect for my sound guy who always fancies a cigarette…

(to fancy or what to fancy that is the question)

Monday morning. A blank page. So why is that? Is that because we want it to be blank. Or is it because we, kind of, during the weekend, forced it to be left blank when Monday morning arrived. Do we like it when it is blank rather than with full colors from all the activities of the last couple of days… or week (depending on how many days of the week you spend on doing silly things). I presume it is a good feeling to clean the blackboard, erase the negative result you are forced to face in your pocket, and start the new life. Yes, that’s it, The New Life. The one we are leading from Monday till Wednesday – at the most.

Peace + possible love,

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