I was hoping to have my regular coffee and bread this morning. Bread with chocolate toppings or whatever you Englishmen call it. I prefer the Norwegian made Nugatti, whilst a Danish friend of mine say Nutella is the thing, I couldn’t disagree more. But most importantly when it comes to my breakfast and the way I like it, is that it needs a soft-boiled egg (the one with a rummy yolk, you know) and that goes together with the aforementioned bread and chocolate.

(you try, you’d either love or hate it!)

The breakfast at my hotel hadn’t yet opened when I woke up 7AM so I left town with an empty stomach. That’s when I thought of my second favorite combination of food to start the day with. Nice coffee and a croissant. So after the usual avoiding-the-airline-staff-seeing-my-guitar trick and a security check, I could take it on board. But first and foremost – food. And I never learn. I should know by now that these airport cafés never serve fresh food, at best you get something eatable, but today I was so disappointed I wanted to return it and change it for a book instead. That’d at least feed my brain. I didn’t do it of course and went to buy the book after finishing, and not enjoying, the dry but sticky (yes, it is possible) croissant and the worst coffee on the planet.

(whining bastard, yes I am)

Robert Wilson led me softly into sleep with the first chapter of his last book in the Javier Falcón Seville quartet. I was too tired to read more than some twenty pages but at least it left me with the appetite of wanting to read more. So now after hours of traveling I just checked in at my hotel for the next three nights, back on my computer to correspond with the world and The Unthanks (still) singing songs from the speakers, I will carry on the reading.

(I plan on finishing the 484 pages of the book during my 3-day stay)

Passing Time In The Loo (II). That’s what I look for. In all the ways that makes sense.

(it’s the book(s) I am talking about)

Now just got back from a walk down in Portobello Road to have a bite and a quick glance at stuff that I want to buy. A pair of second hand shoes and an old jumper is now mine, and that even before I had the chance to spell B-E-E-R. I think Harald (sound guy) is already fed up with my “shopping” and I can see on his grinning face that he needs a beer. Off we go to the nearest pub.

(always end up drinking)

I have tested the recording equipment I brought already. In the hotel room, on my bed. I think we can make decent recordings of the two shows the next coming days.

(I will put them out for free)

Peace + Love,

PS! I just found out that a music critic in the local newspaper in Stavanger have voted my new album among the 50 Best of 2009. That’s great… I’m #20 out of the 50. Check out:


Nov 23 The Wilmington Arms, London
Nov 24 The Musician, Leicester

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