Before leaving my home in Aalesund I wrote down lyrics for three new songs on my typewriter. I can’t remember the last time I sat down to see ink in real life take form of meaningfulness on paper like it used to do back in the old days when I was a teenager and loved sitting down with my typewriter. I must admit to the fact that my lyrics back in the days weren’t always that good, but great affection for the work kept me believing that I some day could write something decent.

(decent is up for discussion)

The smell of something physical and “alive” rather than the deadness of words on a screen has given back something that I lost a long time ago. I feel connected to my own writing and it is motivating me to sing my own songs in new ways. It takes on a life on its own once it is born into fresh air again.


Now I am back on my computer writing a journal on my trip abroad that not yet has begun. I am still in Bergen in a hotel room listening to a couple of new CDs that I bought and now recommend (The Unthanks – Here’s The Tender Coming, David Sylvian – Manafon). These new musical acquaintances are all thanks to my iPod crashed just as I was about to leave my apartment and go to the airport. All the music on it got erased and I was left with no musical company on my journey. Now I believe that was just meant to be. I have discovered new music and nothing I know of feels better right now.

(all I know of seems to be in present tense so don’t worry)

Inspiration can come from so much. Inspiration in itself is inspiring. It becomes a spiral, or ultimately, if it goes full circle, and that circle happens to be of the inspiring kind, I would hold on to it. That’s where I am now with my writing and my music. It is all going so well in my head and in my heart. I feel inspired all the time. Of course, this is a lot a mambo jumbo, but still I hold on to the thought and it feeds me great amounts of positive energy.

(suck on that for a while)

So bad of you. So bad of me. I am in the position where my thoughts and ideas will at some point be exposed to a number of people (not great numbers though). One of my new songs that I just wrote is about someone I hold dear in my heart (of course, if you knew who it was) and with that comes the dilemma of whether I should sing about it or not. I often write when something bad is going on. At least something that I consider bad after run through my centrifuge. It’s just the opinion of one persona, and it isn’t necessarily of any importance. I still think it is bad of me to sing about it.

(find out for yourself, I hold no responsibility)

29.5 days. That is how long it takes to bend and break yourself to pieces. And be left with no potential future. There is no cure if you think you can survive on building a castle in the air. But you sure get your 15 minutes a hell lot of times going from new to full.

(so that’s what it’s all about?)

Rum empty. Is it possible to run empty if you build a well and you build it well?

(well, we’ll see about that)

Peace +Love,

PS! Remember the shows next week:)

Nov 23 The Wilmington Arms, London, UK
Nov 24 The Musician, Leicester, UK

Ticket links at

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