K WEST & SPA (what a lovely place)

I woke up to sunny Bergen. We packed our gear, picked up sleepy sound guy Harald and drove to the deep forests of Os. Inside snow covered hills and icy roads we were to play the Kongshaugen Festival early in the morning. One o’clock in the afternoon…
 We had a great time playing for a superb audience. We really enjoyed it! Thank you:)

Harald drove us to the airport, taped all our cases and made sure we got on the plane to London. As usual airport beer is as expensive as a bottle of fine champagene, and as usual we drank half of it before we had to rush to the plane. We just have to get that alcohol, don’t we?

Two and half hours later we arrived at K West hotel in Sheperds Bush. A nice comfy hotel with spa and expensive drinks. We met with manager Patrick for dinner (he paid…) and a chat about next week’s recording. Some time later we went to bed…

Woke up for breakfast and headed off to the West Side Studios to set up our gear for todays live-in-studio show. We’re working with Mike Hedges on two songs for now, hopefully it goes well and we’ll work with him on a couple of more songs or maybe for the whole album. It went great and we decided to start with “There’s One Thing” tomorrow and then do “The Way We Are” at some point later this week. Watch out for samples…

Now, back at the hotel. For some reason “Smash Hits”-show are having their after party at our pub in our hotel. What a great idea, we can’t sleep. But it’s cool to hang around, drink expensive drinks and look at pop celebrities from the UK. But of course Alf is in his hotel room watching Discovery Channel. At least one of us has to keep updated on the science of the world. Tor and me couldn’t care less anyway!

Goodnight and see ya tomorrow:) PS! We have a surprise for you!!!

-robert & tor (November 21, 2004)

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