Hi and Oh my God,

It’s been a few weeks with a lot of happenings. We have been in Fredrikstad playing a festival and in London to talk. I was in my hometown with Karin Park playing two sold out shows and the band and I won local rock prize of 50 000, – NOK. So all I want to say today is that we want to thank all the people that have supported us the last weeks. It’s been wonderful.

Oslo/Fredrikstad (May 28, 29):

We rented fellow band Tennis’ nice big van to drive all the way from Bergen to Oslo. Sound engineer Harald was happy to be sitting behind the wheel to Oslo as long as he could grab a beer the night on our way home. So he did as Alf, TB and I was drinking beer, telling silly jokes and then finally fell asleep on this eight-hour journey. We woke up in Oslo to put up our gear for tonight’s show, but too many things went wrong so we cancelled it and went for our hotel in Fredrikstad.

First thing in the morning we went for the pool to take a swim. We forgot to bring our trunks from Bergen so we had to bath naked, which was of course very fun. Then went for the festival. We got on at 6:30 and did our best to the circumstances. Not our best gig, but not the worst either.

After sitting backstage drinking a lot of booze (do we do other things?) we went home to spend the night alone (!?!) dreaming sweet dreams about the girls in the bar backstage (we know we should’ve waited for you).

The next day was a bit hard to get the wheels rolling. It took us five hours just getting out of Fredrikstad and then a two-hour drive to Oslo just to spend two hours doing nothing in this at sometimes rather boring capital of Norway. Alf was driving. Harald, TB and I was having a nice time in the backseat drinking whisky and shooting porn movies staring old women in a porn magazine called “Over 60”. You might think it is a bit childish, but try to put four men in a van for four days without things like that happening…


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