Hello good fellows,

It’s been two weeks with a lot of fun. It all started when this Ottestad guy cancelled all his shows because he was not feeling well about his voice and we had to step in and do our thing. That’s always fun. So we flew over to Oslo to play this showcase for Atomic Agency (Norwegian booking agency), who never showed up, at this nice venue called “Kampen Bistro”. It turned out to be more of a home party as the audience was mostly friends of ours. We ended up, as usual, getting pretty drunk. The next day we flew back to Bergen performing the local scene “Kvarteret” which was really great because the audience was so nice to us. They even got along singing on one song.

Friday was all about sunny weather, beer and a local TV-station interviewing us on how life in the band is these days with all the attention from International Record Companies and the things attached to it. Well, we feel great about it.

On Saturday evening we supported Norwegian rockers SPAN on their show at “Ole Bulls Teater” in Bergen. We didn’t think the audience would make an effort to our attention as we thought most of them were there for one reason, SPAN, but they did, and we love them for that. We really enjoyed playing there. And SPAN was amazing. You should have been there. It was a good night for rock ‘n’ roll.

We woke up early Sunday morning preparing our trip to London. We had to drive all the way to Haugesund to get that flight to Stansted. It’s the cheapest way. Anyway, I think driving can be really cool if you just bring the right music along with you in the car.

What we did in London accept meeting our lawyer, meeting handsome Hank and a couple of nice guys from the Record Industry? We were of course shopping shoes in Camden, we did go to the “Marathon Bar” at five o’clock in the morning to get beer, looking for people who would want to join us for the after party we were supposed to throw at the hotel. Not much more than giving Alf a new haircut and TB falling asleep in the hall happened.


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