by:Larm GIG

Hello dear fellows,

by:Larm is finally here and the first day was so fucking great you wouldn’t believe it. We arrived stage from our new bought US helicopter on Logen somewhere between eleven and twelve. And it was amazing. I didn’t expect people to show up on our gig in the first place, but since it was pretty close to packed like sardines we just had to rock our socks off!

Thank you for the support!



Ciao boys and girls,

Oh how drunken man can get… It’s Sunday morning after too many days of drinking, dancing and playing. The only right thing to do is to walk the mountain and let out the demons. And eat junk food…


Friday in Trondheim was fun. A lot of people, nice feedback and satisfied crowd. Promising for the upcoming by:Larm LIVE Festival this weekend. See ya there?



“All you need is love”.

A wise person once wrote this line. My opinion is that that’s Utopian. Still, I’m really working on believing in it. It’s not the worst thing that can happen. I mean, if we really believed in it I guess we’d get one step closer.

“All I need is love”

At this point I’m very open to it. I think I’m seeing someone in my dreams. It’s nothing serious, but it’s nice. We’re having a good time. The problem is that I’m not certain she knows about our meetings. I guess I have to tell her. I met her for the first time a couple of days ago… I’m really excited:)

Whoa, I’m going to meet my band tonight. Have a cup of coffee and rehearse on a couple of songs. They’re pretty damn good musicians so I think it’s going to be fun. Our first gig together is on Thursday next in this new bar called “Visekjelleren” in the city of Bergen. …Oh, I have to go…




Ugg ugg,

Is it so that every little lie can make huge differences with time?

I just got home from, guess what, another three days in a car and a lot of ferries. It’s been a lot of fruit and booze, which causes earthquakes in my belly. And I met Kurt Nilsen look-alike “X” (I don’t know his name) who also told me about his problem with people asking for his autograph. I did it too, not that I thought it was Mr. Kurt himself (and I wouldn’t even thought about asking for his a-graph), but this guy was so drunk he didn’t know his own name so I asked him to sign my hand. And he did. So now I have a fake Kurt Nilsen signature on my left forearm.

And we took a lot of funny pictures, which I have, plans on showing you as well. I’m also having a photo session with my photographer tomorrow. So beware of the photo section.

Enough for now… see ya!




I’m back in Bergen after spending days in a car touring the Eastern part of Norway with Karin Park. It’s nice to be finally breathing the air of the West coast again. The problem with the weather on the other side of the mountain is that it is so dry that I have to borrow Karin’s moisture cream every day. Not that it bothers me, but I rather breathe the ocean…

While I’ve been away my new drummer Tor Bjarne has been scanning Bergen for bass-players. It’s not all set, but we’re having a coffee this week to discuss the future. We’re running out of time as to the fact that we’re putting up a gig next week and it’s always nice to have a rehearsal or two before you get on stage.



Hello 2004,

This is my 25th year on this planet and I hope it will bring me luck. At least it has started out great, except from the everlasting problem money. Who cares anyway…? There’s so much else to worry about like; why doesn’t fathers learn their sons or daughters to play bass-guitar?

At the time I’m trying to put together a band, something that seems difficult enough. I have to have it all set by the end of this week. As some of you already know I’m performing two shows at the by:Larm LIVE in February. And if we should have time for rehearsals, now is the time. So if there’s anybody out there who is capable of handling the bass-guitar, I’ll be the happy one to know. Send me an email!




I’m really exhausted today. It seems like Christmas is all about after parties and sleeping in cars or on floors. To be honest, I haven’t really slept in my own bed for days.

Last nights gig was amazingly fun. I hadn’t planned anything before I got on stage, so I was a bit concerned about the result. It turned out to be one of my best so far. Cool.

Tomorrow I’m leaving Aalesund for now to spend New Years Eve in Bergen. I wish you all a Happy New Year and hopefully I’ll see you on one of my shows in 2004!!!


2011 Update; the gig was at Lille Løvenvold, Ålesund


Merry Christmas,

After having spent the last days on rehearsing a Nirvana Tribute I woke up the day after the show in a car parked outside my sisters apartment. I didn’t have the guts to wake her up at six o’clock in the morning so I rather slept in this frozen car. The show went great and I think the crowd really enjoyed our performance. As in every real Nirvana show we smashed the drums at the final and I almost broke the neck of my guitar, but luckily saved it from the flying drums.

Tonight I’m putting up the gear at my favorite club/café in Aalesund called Lille Løvenvoll to play a one-man show. I’m a bit nervous about the whole event because it’s my first time doing a solo show in my hometown.



Hello hello,

Well I just got home from a football tournament and am pretty upset because we lost even before we got to the finals. We played against a team that rather wanted to play boring football than entertaining, so they won 1-0. We, on the other hand, won our three first matches and scored 19 goals, something, which really impressed me. It all took place on an island called Godøy 10 minutes North to my hometown Aalesund. I’m finally home for the Christmas!

When it comes to music, the thing that should be the reason you are in here, not much is happening at the moment. We’re loading our batteries for next year’s recording-sessions and the touring. But I’m planning to perform one show during my holidays in Aalesund.




We just found a way to pass the problem with the uploading of songs. Now there’s an acoustic version of a song called “Give” which I recorded last week and if everything goes with the plan I’ll hopefully release the entire session from last Tuesday, including 7 new songs, by the end of this week.


2011 Update; “Give” is coming as a free download on this post… soonish



Today’s greatest topic has been the snow in Bergen. It makes the wintertime seem so much brighter. I love it; still I know it’s going to be washed away by the rain by tomorrow morning. Anyway, I spoke to my photographer earlier today and we discussed several locations for a photo-session. But it’s soon Christmas Holidays for all of us so I guess we’re not shooting anything until next year.

And the uploading problem I have with my computer really starts to piss me off. A website for a musician without any music to listen to isn’t much to make a song and dance about.

For those of you not living in Bergen I hope you are able to dream of a white Christmas, because we are not!




Today I added a few more pictures of me posing with the guitar (dah). There’s one of Øyvind, the drummer of Fist First, not yet had his morning coffee and one of Ned Nederlender who’s recording some new songs in Lydriket for his forthcoming album.

Well, for those of you who wonder if I’m ever going to release any music on this site? It’s on its way. I woke up at 9:30 this morning to record a couple of new demos. And I think they’re good. But there’s still something wrong with my computer that is causing an uploading problem. Anyway, I’m working on it and hoping to have it all solved before the weekend. Be patient…


2011 Update; I am going to find these old demos and post it here… about the pics, again – sorry.



Well these two pictures I added today are pretty boring huh? I’m gonna do something about it. I promised to have something new happening here every day. The truth is that this site is still under construction and isn’t quite finished yet. So I guess when it is we’re going to have a huge launching-party! And I will invite you all to take part. Maybe we shall put up cameras and broadcast it over the Internet so that all my fans in Poland can watch the party as well. And for all you Norwegians – it takes place in Bergen sometime before Christmas!


2011 Update; sorry I haven’t got the pics. Can’t even remember what they were like…


So, this is the first day of this diary. I hope to write as often as there is something exciting happening with my music or me. I’m not sure if you’re all interested in the same things, but I’m going to do my best to not write about boring stuff. Like every time I’ve found out new ways of washing the toilet, brushing my teeth, winning card games, baking pizzas, scoring nice goals in unimportant football matches, or even more boring topics like me and my relation to girls and love. You’ll hear enough of that if you listen to my lyrics anyway!

Well, as far as I know, a diary should have stories or news from the day of the writing. The thing is that I’m not writing today because something special has happened. But for those interested…



I’m planning on making this house a very interactive place for you to visit. The idea is to create a nice and cozy atmosphere where you can read my diary and my lyrics, listen to my music and maybe learn the songs as well, leave a message in my guestbook, watch videos of me performing live shows in clubs and cafes or having fun hanging out in my living room with my friends and music colleges. If you’re short of time maybe you should just check in for the latest news.