Hi friends,

we are working on a new website incorporating this blog. I hope we’ll have it launched just in time for next week’s shows with Jason Mraz. I have also gotten a designer to do some T-shirts for me exclusively for the Mraz dates (June 22, 23). I will sell it at the cost of printing them, so 150 NOK it will be. They are limited to the 15 we are running off. Also I am giving away a free download of my latest radio single at my indiestore (link to follow). And in connection with the support slot and a potential new crowd, I have dug deep in the pile of “stuff” that I have and found a bag of Ocean Sessions EP CDs that had the wrong print on it. So I will give them away for free at the shows… I guess it is a 100 copies. Stand in line.

The rarity of covers of my songs is well known, but it has just turned a little brighter on my behalf – my curiosity of finding such made me search myspace for possible versions and I found a few… and I do want to share them with you. So here’s the url’s you need, please go check it out! It’s worth a listen.

And if you want a free download, go here:

Peace + Love,

2012 update:

The free download is now available at this address:


A month of touring kept me away from too many drunken nights..
London being kind to me.
Even though cheap beer at local off-license…
Always came home with me.

Miles are laid dead behind me…
The body getting used to the driving. Even though…
The car’s engine coughing for a break…
And my belly aching for a steak.